Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Delivery Manola Brussels Thai - Order with Deliveroo

Delivery Manola Brussels Thai - Order with Deliveroo

From now on, you can order dishes from Manola, Thai Restaurants Brussels, via Deliveroo. Without even leaving your home, you can have your food delivered thanks to Deliveroo's delivery teams.

Thanks to Deliveroo, you can order some of the good Thai dishes from Manola and have them delivered quickly in Brussels. Not only do you receive your order in record time, but you can also track your order. From the preparation to the departure of the delivery man from the restaurant to the reception, everything is visible in real time.

So with Develieroo - Manola, the best Thai restaurants in Brussels, you will find yourself in the heart of Thailand without even leaving your sofa. An order is done in a few clicks and takes about 30 minutes later you are delivered!

A dream come true!

How was this made possible?

Deliveroo explains it on its website:

"Our algorithm called 'Frank' is based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way to distribute orders based on the location of restaurants, delivery people and customers.

Machine learning also predicts how long it will take to prepare an order to provide a smoother experience. Deliveroo has already been able to reduce the delivery time by 20%, which means more shopping and therefore more revenue per hour for our delivery people. In the same way, restaurants can increase their sales and customers can (of course) receive their food even faster."

The partnership between Manola and Deliveroo is already delighting our customers, who were also looking for the opportunity to eat good, fine Thai food when they didn't feel like going out of their homes, and this solution is a positive response to that expectation.

Moreover, since we offer this service, Deliveroo has also had the effect of making people taste our dishes that did not physically come to the restaurants and now are part of our beloved customers for whom we concoct fine and refined dishes with a pleasure always so intense.

The same dishes that are proposed to you in the Manola restaurants of Brussels are proposed to you on the website of Deliveroo :

Our dishes will all be prepared for you by our talented chef.

Indeed, raised in the grain of the Thai culinary culture, our chef deploys all his talents to transport you to the land of a thousand flavors of the East. Each dish is worked with a unique know-how stemming from a thousand-year-old culinary tradition.

Discover the real flavors of Thailand prepared by talented chefs who guarantee and respect the tradition. Restaurant Manola in Brussels invites you to an unforgettable and tasteful voyage of discovery through Thai cuisine.

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Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Get Delivery Now with Uber Eats!

Get Delivery Now with Uber Eats!

Have the best Thai food from Brussels delivered to you from Manola III restaurant via Uber Eats
We've been waiting a long time for this moment and it's now done! You can now order the top Thai food from Manola III Restaurant via Uber Eats.

Uber Eats (previously stylized in UberEATS) is a ready-made meal delivery service created by the founders of Uber. It works via a mobile application and a website.

This service is available worldwide: North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and in a few cities in Africa.

How does it work?
 1.  First of all, take your smartphone, download the Uber Eats application, create an account so you can order wherever you are. Uber Eats allows you to choose from hundreds of restaurants including the Thai restaurant Manola III. Once the application is downloaded, you Thai food lovers will go straight to the Manola III restaurant, which you will find quickly after your search. You will see the menu from which you can make your choice and add each dish you like to the basket. The desktop version works the same way and you just have to go to

2. Order the following
The second step will be to order. When you are ready to proceed to payment, you will be able to view your address, estimated delivery time and order price, including tax and shipping costs. If everything seems correct, simply press Place order. There you go. We automatically use the registered card, so you never need cash.

3. Track your order
Track your order in the application. First of all, you see that the restaurant accepts your order and starts preparing it. Then, when it is almost ready, a nearby Uber partner (by car, bike or scooter) goes to the restaurant to pick it up. Finally, the courier brings you your order. You can see his name and photo, and follow his progress on the map.

In 2019, Uber Eats announced that it will deliver food to its customers by drones in the future and partnered with Apple to launch their Apple Card credit card. No worries, it will be many human couriers who will deliver our good Thai dishes to you!  

Discover the true Thai flavours prepared by talented chefs who respect tradition. The best Thai restaurant Manola Brussels invites you to discover and share real Thai food.  

Catering - Delivery - Takeaway - Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels