Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Come and enjoy a meal at Manola III on the occasion of Jane Birkin's concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels.

Come and enjoy a meal at Manola III on the occasion of Jane Birkin's concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels.

Come and enjoy a meal at Manola III on the occasion of Jane Birkin's concert at the Cirque Royal in Brussels.

The Thai restaurant Manola III is located less than five minutes walk from the Brussels auditorium and will welcome you for a tasty and spicy meal before enjoying an evening of songs in the company of Jane Birkin.

This Thursday 20 February at 8.00 pm, you will be able to admire and listen to the great and talented British singer at the Cirque Royal De Bruxelles. Manola III: 44-46 rue de l'Enseignement, 1000 Brussels, being only a stone's throw away, this is the ideal opportunity to spend the evening of the month and combine the Thai cuisine of our chef with a concert by a great figure of French music. Indeed, Jane Birkin will be performing a cover of the songs of the timeless Serge Gainsbourg!

Birkin/Gainsbourg le Symphonique" was born during the summer of 2016 thanks to the Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal and the Francofolies de Montréal. Initially it was just a matter of giving two performances for his former partner to pay tribute to the great Gainsbourg on the 25th anniversary of his death.

These performances were so successful that they ended up touring the world, particularly in Asian countries where Serge Gainsbourg had not had the opportunity to perform in public. Jane performed her greatest hits on exceptional arrangements by Nobuyuki Nakajima (a Japanese musician, composer, arranger and pianist who studied composition in Tokyo and Paris). Noted not only for his masterful piano, but also for his talent as a composer and arranger of elegant and exciting ensembles, based on the impressive depth and variety of his musical knowledge), surrounded by the best symphony orchestras in the world.

Following this resounding success, Jane Birkin wished to continue to offer moments of intense joy to her fans as well as to Gainsbourg fans surrounded by a charming chamber orchestra! Brussels is no exception to this beautiful gift!

The Thai restaurant Manola, located a stone's throw from the Cirque Royal, will be delighted to welcome you before or after the concert and offer you succulent dishes in a super cosy atmosphere.

Manola Restaurant - Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels
Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Manola III: The Thai Restaurant so close to the Cirque Royal

Manola III: The Thai Restaurant so close to the Cirque Royal

The Thai restaurant Manola and the Royal Circus of Brussels welcome thousands of visitors every year. They are completely won over by the quality of the shows as well as the dishes of the Thai restaurant Manola, a stone's throw from the Cirque Royal.
 You can find the agenda of the Cirque Royal on the following link:
Most of the time the shows take place in the evening and who says evening also means finding a place to dine. This is where the restaurant Manola Bruxelles - Cirque Royal will enchant you with its relaxed Thai setting. Here you will find delicious Thai dishes in a Far Eastern atmosphere.

This restaurant is the third of the group and follows on from two Manola I and II restaurants which, thanks to their success, have led to the creation of a new Manola restaurant close to the Cirque Royal. Finally, in 2017, to complete the family, the Manola 3 was born. Open for lunch and dinner, you can enjoy a refined and varied cuisine in a beautiful house located on rue de l'enseignement, not far from the Cirque Royal. Three restaurants, three concepts: different menus, different schedules but always with the concern to provide authentic, quality cuisine prepared on the spot by our chefs.

Some important things to remember about the Cirque Royal in Brussels.

At the time, it was large and modern, because some 3,500 spectators each had a decent view of the ring from their seats. The orchestra pit above the entrance of the artists and circus animals could accommodate 40 musicians. Under the bleachers were storage areas and boxes for more than 100 (circus) animals, mainly horses. The arena was built in such a way that it could be filled with water, creating a swimming pool. The opening show was performed by the Renz equestrian troupe. The glory days of the beginning of the century, in addition to circus shows, also mention ballets, big events and even the first films.

A new management restored the tradition of horse shows, mainly large ones, from 1920 onwards. But also variety artists (Maurice Chevalier) were programmed.

After the Second World War, the building remained vacant for some time. It was completely renovated in 1953 according to the plans of the architect Charles Van Nueten. Only the foundations and the steel structure are still original. A modernist structure was built above them. It was for a long time the house of Maurice Béjart with his 20th century ballet.

Cultural Centre
Since the regionalisation of culture, the hall is the property of the City of Brussels. The Cirque Royal tries to target the programming to the Dutch and French-speaking public, despite the fact that it is managed in collaboration with another venue, Botanique, which belongs to the French Community.

In addition to performances by individual artists, singers or music groups, large shows or events continue to enjoy the hall because of its special, almost circular layout. The Cirque du Soleil is a regular visitor.

Manola Restaurant - Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels
Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Delivery Manola Brussels Thai - Order with Deliveroo

Delivery Manola Brussels Thai - Order with Deliveroo

From now on, you can order dishes from Manola, Thai Restaurants Brussels, via Deliveroo. Without even leaving your home, you can have your food delivered thanks to Deliveroo's delivery teams.

Thanks to Deliveroo, you can order some of the good Thai dishes from Manola and have them delivered quickly in Brussels. Not only do you receive your order in record time, but you can also track your order. From the preparation to the departure of the delivery man from the restaurant to the reception, everything is visible in real time.

So with Develieroo - Manola, the best Thai restaurants in Brussels, you will find yourself in the heart of Thailand without even leaving your sofa. An order is done in a few clicks and takes about 30 minutes later you are delivered!

A dream come true!

How was this made possible?

Deliveroo explains it on its website:

"Our algorithm called 'Frank' is based on powerful predictive technology that evaluates the most efficient way to distribute orders based on the location of restaurants, delivery people and customers.

Machine learning also predicts how long it will take to prepare an order to provide a smoother experience. Deliveroo has already been able to reduce the delivery time by 20%, which means more shopping and therefore more revenue per hour for our delivery people. In the same way, restaurants can increase their sales and customers can (of course) receive their food even faster."

The partnership between Manola and Deliveroo is already delighting our customers, who were also looking for the opportunity to eat good, fine Thai food when they didn't feel like going out of their homes, and this solution is a positive response to that expectation.

Moreover, since we offer this service, Deliveroo has also had the effect of making people taste our dishes that did not physically come to the restaurants and now are part of our beloved customers for whom we concoct fine and refined dishes with a pleasure always so intense.

The same dishes that are proposed to you in the Manola restaurants of Brussels are proposed to you on the website of Deliveroo :

Our dishes will all be prepared for you by our talented chef.

Indeed, raised in the grain of the Thai culinary culture, our chef deploys all his talents to transport you to the land of a thousand flavors of the East. Each dish is worked with a unique know-how stemming from a thousand-year-old culinary tradition.

Catering - Delivery - Takeaway - Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels
Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Manola in the papers!

Manola in the papers!

Please find below an excerpt from the SudPress newspaper article on Manola.

Manola is not one but three restaurants located in the "Quartier des Libertés" in Brussels and Place Madou in Saint-Josse. Behind these brands, Em, which for the past six years has been offering customers Thai cuisine adapted to their tastes.

Rue de l'Enseignement, rue de la Croix de fer and place Madou: just a few steps away from each other, there are three restaurants with the same name: Manola. Like so many possibilities to eat Thai cuisine, in this office district between the Royal Park, the small belt and the Royal Street. Welcome to Em (that's his nickname), who runs these three restaurants .

See the whole article below:

Manola Restaurant - Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels
Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels

Northern Thai Cusine

Northern Thai Cusine

The cuisine of northern Thailand
How can we talk about culture in Chiang Mai without talking about its cuisine?

The cuisine of northern Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, is rather sweet because it is the result of centuries of traditional culinary know-how combined with Burmese, Chinese and Indian influences. With a perfect blend of aromatic toppings and a few spicy condiments, Chiang Mai's cuisine, also known as lanna cuisine, is particularly succulent. A beautiful assortment of authentic recipes to discover and taste without moderation!

The particularities of northern Thai cuisine
As everyone knows, Thailand's recipes have a reputation for being spicy. Regular customers will not find any disadvantages, but for the less sensitive taste buds, a Som Tam spiced up with a sauce too strong can harm its tasting if you are not used to it.

Fortunately, not all of Thailand necessarily follows this rule. The North of the country offers a relatively sweet and tasty cuisine by reducing the amount of spice in order to make the taste of the recipe more pronounced. This particularity of northern cuisine would not be possible without the Burmese and Laotians in particular who, over the centuries, have come to influence the culinary field of Chiang Mai and many other regions.

This is all the more obvious if we refer to the way curry is prepared, as well as the omnipresence of sticky rice in almost all recipes. Chinese influence is also very present in the cuisine of northern Thailand, with most of Chiang Mai's most prestigious restaurants serving dishes accompanied by several types of sauces of Chinese origin.

Many cooking schools in Chiang Mai also offer training days in Lanna cooking. The prices are more than affordable: it would be a shame not to take advantage of them if you come on holiday.

Northern cuisine is characterized by the traditional Lana style, which is widespread in the Chiang Mai region. Contrary to what the dishes may suggest, northern cuisine is generally easy to prepare compared to the cuisine of other parts of Thailand. Originally, Lana Thai cuisine was mainly intended for weddings and other important events. Nowadays, it is democratized and everyone can enjoy the delicious lanna recipes anywhere and anytime.

The main ingredients are pork and vegetables, which are part of a variation of authentic recipes characterized by tastes with bitter tendencies, both powerful and complex.

Although traditional straw baskets remain highly prized as containers when serving food, today they are mainly placed on small porcelain plates, while guests sit on floor mats around a wooden table.

Discover the true Thai flavours prepared by talented chefs who respect tradition. The best Thai restaurant Manola Brussels invites you to discover and share real Thai food.  

Manola Restaurant - Thai cuisine restaurant in Brussels