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Som Tam salad: a real delight!

Som Tam salad: a real delight!

Just like Thai noodle stir-fry (the famous "pad thai"), or spicy shrimp soup ( the explosive "tom yam kung"), green papaya salad "som tam" is now one of the Top 5 dishes that are truly emblematic of Thai cuisine.

Originating from the vast North-East of the Kingdom (Isan), this salad owes its name to the fact that it essentially represents a sour ("som") mixture prepared in the kitchen with a drumstick ("tam": "hammer").


When we look at its history, it emerges quite quickly from any available documentation that despite what we are generally inclined to think, som tam is not, in fact, a dish attached in a multi-secular or even: "consubstantial", in the North-East of Thailand... but, almost a contrario, a preparation which, having been "invented" thanks to the import into Isan from Malaysia, during the Vietnam War, of many papayas, would count at most, well calculated: only from 50 to 60 years of existence...

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