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Thai Street Food

Thai Street Food

Street Food is an integral part of our Thai DNA.

In Bangkok, you can eat almost 24 hours a day! Street Food stands are as easy to find in the streets as they are in night markets. And the price? Between 40 and 80 baht (between 1 and 2 EUR)! Really not much for tasty dishes like the must-have PAD THAI (those fried noodles that everyone knows), SATAY KAI (those little grilled chicken skewers and their peanut sauce), SOM TAM (spicy green papaya salad) or noodle soups of all kinds,... and for sweet little desires: a wide selection of ready-to-eat fresh cut fruit or other typical desserts such as banana pancakes to name just one.

Lovers of authentic Thai cuisine should not miss this experience during their trip!

Discover the true Thai flavours prepared by talented chefs who respect tradition. The best Thai restaurant Manola Brussels invites you to discover and share real Thai food.

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